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We offer nonstick silicone containers, hot pads and pans, along with kitchen scales, and herbal/tobacco grinders. We also carry some Detox and Wellness Supplies.

Introducing Pheromone Products and no-THC CBD products.

Ask associates for more details in store.

 Kitchen Products

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Home Decor

We offer many themes to decorate your space.

Handheld and wall mountable UV lights NOW FOR SALE!

Blacklight and regular Posters, metal signs, Tapestries, Flags, Figurines & statues, Stickers, patches, keychains, purses, necklaces, & blankets.

We also Carry Glow in the Dark items as Well. Holiday items & pocket sized Gift Items now in Stock! Please check back often we are ALWAYS adding new products!



We offer a large selection of Roll Your Own tobacco supplies and accessories including Stone, Silicone, metal, glass, ceramic, wood, oil and water Tobacco Tasters/dugouts, pipes, bubblers, Hookahs, and parts. We carry various vaporizers, parts, coils and batteries.

Humidor Products, Cigar Wraps, cigarette rolling papers, Lighters, torches and butane also in stock.

You can also get your containers, boxes, pouches, child and smell proof bags, zip bags, Rolling Trays & more all in one stop: Hurley, Wisconsin!



We carry something for Every Adult.

Sexy Outfits, Undies, and Fishnets (styles and sizes vary including plus/XL/queen sizes)

Lubricants, Aphrodisiacs & Pheromones, and  massage oils always available.

All types of Adult Toys and Personal items whips, swings, harnesses, massagers, wands, male and female enhancement rings creams and more, Hilarious sexy candies and joke items too!

We carry XXX DVDs, Magazines Sexy Dice, Board, and Card Games for Couples or Groups.


Personalized messages for that special person in your life. 

Give your Grandparents, parents, Spouses, siblings, kids, friends, bosses and anyone else the perfect gift to remind them YOU care!

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Aromatherapy Supplies

The choices are immense with sticks, cones, oils, resins, and smudges.

Incense by Satya, Wildberry, Gonesh, Spiritual Sky and many more!

We have over 50 different scents spanning many brands sizes and lengths.

We Also have oil diffusers, smudge pots, mortar and pestles, and much more for your needs!

Wild Berry has just released 6 new scents, and we have them!


We offer Various T-shirts, long sleeves, sweaters, hoodies, skirts, & dresses Along with ladies lingerie and sexy men's wear, we carry many other dress up items like silly hats and wigs, socks, fishnets and stockings, and accessories like whips, handcuffs and props to complete any outfit

Proud to carry American Made products for customers, Carnival Offers an ever expanding selection of American made Glass, Ceramic, Wood, Metal, and acrylic pipes, water pipes, parts and accessories.
Looking for a more economical selection of pipes? Europe, Nepal and the rest of the world make beautiful pipes as well including stone, wood, glass and more that are affordable for ALL!

Some of the Products at

Carnival Novelty Company...

We are your local celebration store! A Birthday, Bachelor, or Bridal Shower Party Coming up in your future? We have many decor items, party supplies, games, and gag gifts to make the most of your celebration! We have Greeting Cards for any occasion, Gift Bags you cannot find in other stores, Stickers, Gift Items and So MUCH MORE!


Offering many styles and colors of jewelry we are always rotating and adding new inventory.

We have captive and septum rings, nose rings, studs, L-shape studs, horseshoes, banana industrial and regular barbells, tongue, many belly rings, segment rings, options are plain or gemmed all in different sizes, colors and designs. Various types of retainers for work/school etc. including pregnancy belly and we have regular earring studs, dangles, plugs, cuffs, tapers, and fakers.

Hemp jewelry and glass beads/pendants, and some rings and bracelets also for sale on occasion.

PLEASE NOTE: Only Adults 18+ are allowed in to shop to look at or purchase jewelry. NO EXCEPTIONS, not even with parent/guardian.

We Do Not Do Piercings or Sell the Needles/Products to do so!

Wisconsin State Law: No RETURNS on any Body Jewelry. (besides, we don't do returns on any items)

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